Raw Music International: Kisumu, Kenya

by Raw Music International

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This is a compilation of underground music from Kisumu, Kenya, recorded for Raw Music International. The tracks run from traditional music to reggae to rap, focusing on new, innovative or overlooked music. For more info check out www.rawmusicinternational.com


released November 11, 2012

All rights to the artists
Recorded/Compiled by Cyrus Moussavi and Ozzy Dan



all rights reserved


Raw Music International Chicago, Illinois

Raw Music International is a new TV show about underground music in overlooked corners of the world. On each episode your host Cyrus (24 yr old American fond of trouble and music) and the crew will head to a new country and record the most innovative, underground and sometimes dangerous music they can find. The album here is from our pilot episode, filmed in Kisumu, Kenya, where music is life. ... more

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Track Name: Olima Anditi - Apoli
By Ozzy Ozzwaldd!!

Am playing this music for apoli kevo’s sister
Sister of Joyce Ojeya

Apoli daughter of Kayath ochung
Daughter of Kolemo, Daughter of Kochuodha

Son of Arima is on the guitar with the music I remember Apoli sister of Kevo (x2)

Since last year we’ve been together at Magadi School

Put on your clothes we go for the Sabbath

I love you daughter of my mother in law
I love you sister of Jay Omenda

I love you daughter of my mother in law
I love you sister of Lambe

I love it when you’re dressed up
When you’re dressed oh daughter of Kawidi

I love it when you’re dressed up
When you’re dressed up oh daughter of Kathomo

Son of Arima is on the guitar
The music remembers Apoli sister of Kevo

Son of Khadija is on the guitar
The music remembers Apoli sister of Kevo

Since last year we’ve been together at Magadi School

I love you daughter of my mother in law
I love you sister of Jay Omenda
I love you daughter of my mother in law
I love you sister of Lambe

I’ve finished the song mother of Santo
I’ve finished the song daughter of Kawidi

Goodbye sister of Ochieng Lambe

Greet mum

And also say hello to Jay Omenda
Track Name: Lyn Jay - Ni Kubaya
Talk to me
Speak to me
Open your heart
Let’s walk together
It’s dangerous
Guard your life
It can kill you

Sometimes being “cunny” (cunning) with life helps
Instead of being notorious and end up crying
Your life is left in shit but you’re still proud of it
It’s dangerous
Life is not the way people hype it up to be
Because good things come and go
He’s a great guy
And he’ll flirt with you
You bring yourself
He says “Come in peace”
Enjoy, you came,
But know you’ll go in pieces
You thought he was in
And celebrated your win
You entered a muddy spot
I’m surprised, you have been caught today
You think you’ve got him
When you it’s you that’s been got

Ni kubaya (it’s dangerous) man


I’ve seen you from a distance
Like “Vision 2030” (Kenya development plan)
And this time if you don’t believe me
Just know you’ve run out of luck
These are not the times to give
You f___ off
Hope you’ve changed your gear
And taken a stand
Put a speed regulator on yourself
Ladies make sure you’re “guarded”
If you’re ever horny
And those who want a little something
Should get a middle finger
You don’t get these things by mere luck
Don’t mind them
Some of them just love circus games
It’s like getting infected from watching too much TV
Or some idiot trying to soil your CV
Ignore stupid flirty stories
That say you got goodies and booties
And that you should put them to work
They’re just for pissing and also a little fun
Ignore that guy
Don’t let him confuse you


It’s dangerous
Guard your life
It can end abruptly
Your friends remain as you fade away
Day in day out
More enemies than friends
When I speak the truth
It’s like an insult to others
When I’m quiet
They say I’m ignoring them
Cheap politics is like the constitution debate (Kenya’s new constitution)
When you walk around your hood you have to watch your back
Because behind you someone is hunting
My advice is to adjust your side mirrors
One on each side
You become like Jesus (symbol of the cross)
Between Jesus and Peter
You will not be seen (“And he passed between them and they did not see him”, Bible quote)
You are compared to what you preach
Treat them like VIPs
Cause to them it’s like a disease
Life can overburden you
Know it’s dangerous
Sorry my queen

Track Name: Eli Sketch - Reach for tha Top
(Starting about 30 seconds into the track...)

Buy "Campus Boy" (his new album)
It’s money well spent
When you’re broke
That means your money well’s spent
You find yourself in debt
Like a blind date

I don’t feel the rappers
They’re mushy like actresses
Plus they get it all wrong
Like an adultress
If I’m not married to you we’re not jumping on the mattress
The more I say that the more she undress
I’m boxing rappers
More than the address
If you think you’re better than me
Get over the madness
If you’ve not seen me on Google
Then Google me on your net
As I attract positivity like a magnet
Still on the top of scales of hardness
Skills very dope you can tell, you can’t test
Roughly I’m a rapper, I’m not in a contest
Flow so conc (“concentrated”) so I got the conquest
No federal money but my boys get fed
And rappers suck like they’re being breastfed
They don’t wanna be enemies
They wanna-be best friends
That’s wisdom if you hope to play the best games
When the producer switches styles like in the X-Games
Flow is elastic like a rubber band
So if I perform live I will rob a band
And when I enter the studio you can sense the cold

We’re reaching for the top
Me and my crew
We’re reaching for the top

We walk that talk
Me and my crew
We walk that talk

We rock nonstop
Me and my crew
We rock nonstop
We’re reaching for the top
Me and my crew
We’re reaching for the top

When they define hate and beef
Me I love with psych (psyched up love)
I penetrate as if stabbing a dyke
But I still drive the sisters crazy
After I “hasta la vista” baby
You can’t fool you know that the streets is wise
My skill is more dreadful than what’s on the head of Richie Spice (dreadlocked rasta legend)
Every Sunday it’s porridge and beans
Life is more pathetic than Nigerian movies
Shorties have made life so boring
I wanna chick with lips like Angelina Jolie
They’re not common, and when you meet them
They’re exposed to the public like Kaz’s breasts (Kenyan music star with leaked sex tape)
It doesn’t mean my style is not unique
When you duplicate names like P-Unit (Kenyan hip hop crew who clearly took their name from G-Unit)
I take over rap with a tight sick force
As I shine like the lips of a chick with lip gloss
Muchatha is the base (Neighborhood in Nairobi)
Mess with Nairobbery and murder will be the case
Track Name: Dozze - Freestyle
My mum told me I'm a superstar
So how come I been in this industry five years
And I've never been seen

Open eyes don't mean you can see
And don't mean you'll be seen

The DJ doesnt wanna play my song coz I'm underground
This girl doesn't like me coz am a broke ass

Bling bling swagger ain't art
I'm the artist other people don't like
Coz i speak the truth

Not in a bad way, it aint beef, I'm sorry
Me hanging my mic? keep waiting

Mom told me I'm a superstar, watch me!

For how long will they tell you an empty hand cannot be licked
That big belly's from ring-worms not riches

They broke, got no money but they wanna get drunk
Am a G with no money
So dont call me G-money

Its my birthday, mum gave me a condom
She wants to be a normal grandma

Dont think I' a psycho, I'm a normal person
It's just that i like abnormal things

Full rasta, hunting the millions
Dawn to Dusk til Dawn
But you don't see me

Dozze, yeah!
Track Name: Nebulazz, Double B, Kenrazy, Jah Mess - Q Kwa Bank
Kuna Q Kwa Bank: There's a line at the bank
Because it's Friday
We gonna paaaarty!
Track Name: UFO (Eli Sketch and Ujiji Ojiji) - Mama Africa
Through the pain through the rain through the gain
I salute you mama Africa
No tears no more just my mama

Verse 1:
Shikamoo (How are you?)
Mama Africa
The only dark daughter of the earth
I write you this pun to release none of your wrath
But to share in your grief
Cause it’s just yesterday
In the 1950s
That you came from the chains of bondage
I pray for your quick relief
After your sis, Europe
Treated you without honor
Your life, your sons
Congo and Sierra Leone
Started to fight for raw materials
And then blood diamonds
Brought mad iron rule
The Mugabes in Zimbabwe
Mobutu and Idi Amin
And I hope you know who gave them guns, mommy
The same people who swallowed Malcolm
But that’s gone, anyway
Heard you sayin Barack is on his way
To slave master, USA
To let him know how we live
like yesterday
Rwanda nearly shot himself
With an AK
And Jamaica got tired
Packed his bag and went away
So is Mauritania too
These things don’t change…
And oh, I need a new page


Verse 2:

And that is all it is about now
Getting more paper
Black boys are doing what now?
Getting more paper
When was the last time someone tried to call you mama
Things are getting worse now have I told you mama?
Why you have to summon your son Garang (South Sudanese founder)
Brothers from another mother seem to me so dumb
Did they let you know Mandela’s free?
How young is he
Shit, 93?
Your kids are still slaves
They’re mining for export
Some selling themselves out
They blabbing for passports (?)
Your daughters are still queens
But they’re dyin’ of AIDs
They’re worshiping still things like diamond rings
Still not moving
Still the guns shooting
Still the bloods oozing
Militaries ruling the people
I mean the big bros are bullying the little
I wish the food was as much as the guns


Verse 3:
Back with a pen with ink
But also back with pain to think
How come you used to give me milk and honey
Nowadays I’m sick of starving
I want you back ma
So through with the songs
When I’m sick feed me with your hugs
When I cry wipe my tears
Wipe my fears
Tell me you’re here
The only one with the power of love
Not the love of power
Mrs. Third World
The mother of the tame and the wild
The slaves in the land
Never keep your head in the ground
Even if you live below the poverty line
Be strong and afford a smile
Cause when you’re rich in your soul
And your tears will be reaching us all
Like showers of blessing
And leading the flock
Let’s return to the days of the weather and medicinemen
Before releasing a speicmen from the laboratory
Before they call us monkeys in stories
And to use slavery to depict a tragic history
Back to the weasels and the smoke signals
And oh, my pen has faded
I need to put some ink in it…

Through the pain through the rain through the gain
I salute you Mama Africa
No tears no more just my mama

Verse 4:

All the ink in the world couldn’t spell it all
All the tongues and the lips couldn’t tell it all
We workin our way up though the pace is slow
Are these dictator presidents ever going to let it go
Somalia is a young girl, her legs still feeble
And the media got it twisted
They think she’s crippled
She can walk on her own
Along with Liberia
It’s not a war going on
It’s all in Nigeria
The people are poor
The infants starving
Let your tears be the rain
The thirst is burning
The Sahara is growing
I’m not taking off my Saharas (desert boots)
This is not a safari, it’s suffering
Better the life of hunting and gathering
Oh, I’ve been with Kenya
Don’t you think she’s grown?
She’s grown big and there’s a saying
She has recited:
“Forever Kenya
Forever Africa
Forever you and me”